Poland with its over 1000 years history fascinates with its culture, numerous and impressive historical buildings, traditions, varied landscapes and natural treasures. In the last years Poland became a popular destination and milions of people have visited our beautiful country. However, there are a lot of those who still think that it is a grey and dull former East European satellite and this we would like to change. We are convinced that everyone can find something interesting about Poland ! Poland is a destination not only for tourists or pilgrims but also for congresses, business meetings as well as incentive trips. What’s more the number of foreigners who visit Polish SPA resorts and nature lovers who come to observe rare mammals and birds is increasing. Regardless the individual interests, everyone can find in Poland something for himself:
- History
Old cities, historical architecture, castles, palaces

- Natural treasures
13th century salt mines, rafting down the Dunajec mountain river, bisons, natural reserves, etc.

- Intriguing culture
Homeland of Frederic Chopin, Nicolas Copernicus, Marie Curie

- Varied landscapes
Seacoast with “moving” dunes, thousand lakes, picturesque hills and mountains

- Natural life
22 national reserves/parks, different species of flora and fauna (bisons, the last natural forest in Europe)


General information

Official name
Administrative division
Monetary unit
Official language
Major cities

Member of
Geographical position

Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska) 312.685 km2
312.685 km2
16 provinces
Warszawa (Warsaw) 1.800.000 habitants
1 zloty (PLN) = 100 groszy
Poles (97%,), Germans (1,3%), Ukrainians (0,6%) Belarussiansi (0,5%)
catholics (95%), ortodox (1,5%), protestants (1%)
Krakow , Lodz, Poznan, Gdansk, Wroclaw , Szczecin , Torun

European Union, ONU, NATO
Central Europe, border countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russian Federatio
moderate, the medium temperature in July is 20 C, sometimes quite hot – temperature above 25 C. Winter (Dec- Feb) is snowy (especially in the South of Poland) with low temperatures , even about -15 C. Spring comes in April.