Poland is the country of unspoilt nature and unique landscapes. Numerous organizations and european goverments decided to support the project “Poland -Green Lungs of Europe”. Places such as the Reserve of Bialowieza, the swamps of Biebrza and Narew Rivers and Masurian Lakes allowed the realization of the idea of ecodevelopment. On the territory larger than Switzerland or Holland tourism and heath values are being promoted and simultanously giving up the development of industry. It is worth mentioning that Poland’s Six National Parks have been registered on UNESCO’s list of World Biosphere Reserves. Our agency will help you in organizing the best itinerary, accommodation and transportation- not only by buses – by also on yachts, canoes, rafts, bikes or horses. su
Bialowieza National Park

Is the oldest Polish national park, founded as the Reserve of Biosfera. The Park was added to the World List of Cultural and Nature Heritage (UNESCO). It is the only natural forest in all of Europe, one of the most valuable nature places in the world. Only one part of the Park is accessible for tourists. The undisputed king of the Park is the BISON. This species used to live almost in the whole central Europe but nowadays there are only 450 animals left in the Park of Bialowieza.
The National Parks of Biebrza and Narew

Both parks are the biggest marshes terrain in Europe. They are almost inaccesible during the spring time because the swamp terrains are in water as far as one can see. During summer time you can observe numerous birds species, some of which are very rare. It’s a unique zone for those who enjoy bird watching. The parks can be visited on rafts in a simple boats called “pychowki” on the meanders Of the Biebrza and Narew rivers and also by foot on special footbridges labout 1 km long to observe the unique flora and fauna.
Masurian – the thousand lake’s districts

This beautiful region is also called “the green lungs of Poland” and it is specialy protected because of its ecologic value. The wealth of this zone are beautiful forests and numerous lakes connected with the rivers and canals network that creates a great opportunity for active time spending. The Masurian area is a perfect place for nature lovers, sailors, bikers and others. One of the most interesting attractions for tourists is the unique cruise in the Ostroda-Elblag canal. You can observe the ramp mechanism that allows the boats to move between the lakes not only in water but also on the land. This attraction cannot be seen anywhere else in the world but only in Poland.
Slowinski National Park

The Slowinski National Park lies along the Baltic Coast in the north of Poland. It’s major attraction are the moving sand dunes, the biggest territoty of such kind in Europe. The Park is listed on the UNESCO Heritage List as a biosphere reserve. The sea wind keeps on moving the sand dunes, changing their shape and heigh so that the highest dunes can be even 40 meters high. All together it makes an impression of a dessert.
Pieninski National Park

Pieniny mountain chain are connected with the Tatra mountains. The biggest attraction of this region is the Dunajec River which brakes through limestone mountains and creates unique rock shapes and formations. During the 10 km long rafting you can admire the most amazing and picturesque landscapes
Parco Nazionale dei Tatra

Questo parco protegge le uniche montagne in Polonia a carattere alpino. Questi monti raggiungono un'altezza di quasi 2500 m s.l.m. Un inbubbio vanto dei Tarta sono i laghi alpini con il bellissimo lago di Morskie Oko ed anche le numerose grotte.